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Meet Vidi. The iOS app that guides you on how to shoot your specific product with easy-to-use templates and overlays that contain all the best shots. Then use on Shopify, Etsy, Depop or social in minutes, not days.
Download the beta-version via the App Store.
Download the beta-version via the App Store,
or send a download link to your phone — it’s free.
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Sarah Murphy — Founder
The app is so easy to use. Really loved the guided templates while shooting! I’ve added some videos to my Etsy store, as Instagram videos can’t be used for Etsy
Sarah Murphy — Founder
Haus of Denim & Lace
Haus of Denim & Lace
Ashleigh Bingham — Founder & Designer
The flat product guides are great and the feature of combining multiple clips is where there is so much value for us.
Ashleigh Bingham — Founder & Designer
Keegan Hunt — Founder
What I really like about Vidi are the templates and angles. Looking forward to seeing more of them to assist my photoshoots.
Keegan Hunt — Founder
Keegan The Label
Keegan The Label

The video maker app
built for ecommerce.

Product Video Maker

Easily add product videos to all of your listings.

Vidi takes what used to be days of gathering inspiration from Pinterest boards, storyboarding, shooting and editing, and makes this available in minutes. You can now go from product, to product video in just a few taps.
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Replaces a workflow of:
Video apps that only focus
on editing, not shooting 😞
Shooting Features
Ecommerce Templates
Choose a template.
Get inspiration, and instant access to all the angles used by the pros.
Guides & Overlays
Line up your product.
To ensure you’re getting the best angles, there’s an overlay that you can switch on and off.
Shot Playbook
Follow the playbook.
Front, back, side, details. With Vidi, you’ll have all the shots your customers are looking for.
Trim Clips
Pick the best parts.
You can quickly select the very best 3-seconds of each clip to ensure your product video looks perfect.
Video Editing
Text & Smart Copy
Add text and pricing.
Communicate important info like product name, benefits, pricing, and perks like free shipping.
Add Product Reviews
Include a 5-star review.
Add social proof with the ability to add 5-star reviews to your video in seconds.
Change Ratio
Select a ratio.
Easily change your video’s ratio to 1:1, 4:3 or 16:9
Brand with your logo.
Save your store’s branding so you can have a perfect end car with your logo, automagically.
1,560 sales
Head Porter
The Starry Night bag is the lightest day-pack in the current Head Porter work range.
Video Marketing
Instant Product Page & Review Link
Share a quick link.
Your video can be downloaded, or shared instantly via a button that links directly back to your store.
Clip Library
Create new videos, anytime.
All your clips from previous shoots can be combined at any time to make new videos.
Leah Mcqueen — Fashion Photographer
Very much enjoyed using the app. It’s fun! Editing was great and adding text was seamless and easy.
Leah Mcqueen — Fashion Photographer

Stand out
and sell more.

On your online store, marketplaces, and social. Be transparent and confident by showing what your product really looks like. You’ll see less returns, and happier customers.
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Buyers are loving listing videos.
We know that shoppers are more likely to purchase an item if the listing includes a video.


July 2020 Analysis of 5 Million Buyers

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Why Vidi?

Yeah, images are great. But have you tried video?
  • Content creation
  • Quality
  • Editing
  • Turnaround time
  • Project management
  • Overall Experience

Typical Experience

  • Prohibitively Expensive
  • Hit-or-miss
  • Back-forth-emails
  • Weeks
  • Often a letdown
  • Face-palms

The Difference With Vidi

  • Free
  • Perfect for listings and ads
  • Fast, with zero experience needed
  • Product to product video, in minutes
  • Assets are available for future videos
  • Empowering, and super fun